Leasing Division for Bronze Sculptures

announces plans to open new art leasing division for bronze sculptureOriginally posted at PR Newswire[3]

Mark Russo, CEO of Treasure Investments Corporation has just announced plans to offer its fine art sculpture collections for lease. TIC owns over 700 original master molds for sculpture. The master mold collection subject matter includes North American wildlife, Africa wildlife, Historical, cultural, Western, Americana and biblical images. The sizes of the pieces range from just desk top pieces to some of the largest bronze castings ever created, including 50’ tall eagles and 25’ equestrian art.

TIC will make available its massive bronze sculpture collections not only for sale but for lease. There are literally hundreds of very successful companies that have art leasing, but mostly focus on painting and flat art only. Treasure Investments will be the only company to provide its high-end bronze images for lease with stands and pedestals.

“Imagine being able to lease a 20 piece, $1 million dollar fine art sculpture collection with pedestals and display stands for just a few thousand dollars per month. We have a wide-open market and zero competition. The sky is the limit.  Having the ability to enhance your home or office with an amazing appearance and presence of masterpiece creations for a very small and affordable price gives our clients something no one else can,” says Russo.

TIC, will be able to lease not only its small desktop and interior pieces but monumental works of sculpture that are larger than life size including life size bronze eagles and numerous life size and larger wildlife images. The company plans to provide 1-5 year term leases paid on a monthly basis. The lease agreement will include insurance, delivery and even display and pedestal stands. TIC will also provide the client with the option of rotating pieces in and out the of the agreement giving more of a variety of fine art throughout the duration of the lease.

“Now with the ability to lease our collections, TIC will be building in monthly recurring revenue while still owning the asset of the collections.  This will really allow us to build strong stock value” says Russo.

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