Press Release: The Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Grand Opening takes place on September 22nd – Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada

The floor one of the museum will be a free space for the community to gather. During the first year of MOCA Toronto’s opening, guests will be able to use their imaginations to create their own area to gather. Greek artist Andreas Angelidakis was commissioned to create Demos – A Reconstruction, consisting of seventy-four modules that can be moved and recomposed by the public to create different structures, such as walls, amphitheatres, or even stages. Floor one will also include café partners Forno Cultura[1], bookstore Art Metropole[2].

MOCA’s inaugural exhibition BELIEVE, spread over floors two and three, will feature 16 Canadian and international artists and explore the beliefs and systems that inform our values and behaviours. Artists include Jeneen Frei Njootli, a Vuntit Gwich’in artist who has been hailed throughout Canada for her work in deconstructing materials from history to reclaim her past. Los Angeles-based artist Barbara Kruger is celebrated for a lifetime of work that forces viewers to revisit what they believe they know, currently through large installations that surround the viewer with language. Awol Erizku’s art is dedicated to the often-missing representation of people of colour, such as in his well-known work portraying classic portraits with black figures.

Half of floor four will be dedicated to Art in Use, a project conceived in dialogue with celebrated Cuban American artist and activist Tania Bruguera and the Association of Useful Art. This yearlong series opens with artists Hiba Abdallah and Justin Langlois (with furniture by Adrian Blackwell) and invites the public to participle in workshops and special projects that will explore how art drives social and political change.

As part of commitment to local community partnerships, the rest of floor four is devoted to the Akin Studio Program[3]. The program will provide spaces to 32 local artists on a one-year studio residency where they will benefit from producing work within the midst of MOCA. In addition, one studio hosts artists in collaboration with the Ontario Science Centre, where work produced will explore the intersections of art, science and technology for display at the Science Centre. 

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