Press Release: The Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Grand Opening takes place on September 22nd – Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada

As part of commitment to local community partnerships, the rest of floor four is devoted to the Akin Studio Program[3]. The program will provide spaces to 32 local artists on a one-year studio residency where they will benefit from producing work within the midst of MOCA. In addition, one studio hosts artists in collaboration with the Ontario Science Centre, where work produced will explore the intersections of art, science and technology for display at the Science Centre. 

Andy Holden presents Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape on the floor five: an exhibition of moving image works that Holden describes as “a lecture on cartoons, and also a cartoon lecture, guiding viewers through an animated landscape populated by well-known characters including Bugs Bunny and Wile E Coyote.”

In the words of Reitmaier, “This new home for MOCA Toronto in the city’s Junction Triangle neighbourhood has been lovingly restored over the last three years and is now ready share with everyone its creativity and potential.”

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